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Do you experience any of these networking challenges?

Dislike attending networking events?

Feel awkward meeting strangers?

Lack the confidence to initiate conversations?

If you answered “YES”, you no longer have to feel that way. We can help you!



Network effectively without feeling overwhelmed

Interact with anyone without feeling awkward

Ease your visibility without being loud
Enjoy future networking experiences

take away practical tips on keeping yourself motivated and having the right mindset for networking.

  • Introduction to the Real World of Networking
  • Objective and Goals of Attending Networking Events
  • Making Preparations – Choice of Events, Setting Goals, Self-Introductions, Conversation Starters
  • Event Proper – Meet & Greet, Who To Approach? What To Say? Mistakes To Avoid?
  • Post-Event: Follow-Up, Research, Appointments, Timeline


    Highly interactive, practical, and engaging which comes with activities and exercises to help you put into practice what you have learnt.



    Especially for introverted executives and business professionals who want to improve their networking skills and be confident to interact and connect at future networking events or meetings.

    This interactive workshop will benefit business owners, all of executives and non-executives, as well as sales, marketing and business development, who have to mingle and develop contacts in today’s highly connected world.





    A Networking Evangelist, Mervin Yeo is a trainer, consultant, and author. Over the last 18 years, Mervin has shown over 10,000 business owners and marketing professionals in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines a systematic and effective approach to qualified business referrals. Under his 13-year leadership as the Singapore National Director of the world’s largest networking organization specializing in referrals, members passed referrals which generated an annual average of USD20 million dollars worth of business for each other.

    A networking coach to aspiring entrepreneurs and graduates entering the marketplace, Mervin lives and breathes as well as speaks and teaches the language of referrals. A Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant, Mervin is a much sought-after speaker and trainer on Purposeful Networking and Strategic Referral Marketing for career and business success. Hailed a “Networking Guru” by a Straits Times writer, Mervin has been interviewed on NewsRadio 93.8 including The Living Room and Positive Business Minutes and was featured in Zaobao and SME Magazine. He has contributed scores of articles on the subject to Straits Times Recruit.

    A contributing author in the New York Times best-seller Masters of Networking, Mervin is consultant and advisor to networking organisations and mentor to network influencers. Mervin is the author of Purposeful Networking for Introverts and I Can Connect – An Introvert’s Handbook To Stress-Free Networking, co-author of Turning Ideas Into Profit. An Introvert Leader, Mervin founded and runs the Introverts Network Singapore – a quietly yet fast growing networking community of introverts in the marketplace. He has begun building similar communities in Jakarta, Malaysia and the Philippines.


       Register    | Singapore 26 Aug | VENUE: Oromo Coffee (Meeting Room), 100 Beach Rd

       Register    | Singapore 26 Aug | VENUE: Oromo Coffee (Meeting Room), 100 Beach Rd

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